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The core technology of the Embrace incubator is the WarmPak, a phase-change material with a melting point of 98F. A phase-change material gives off latent heat at a constant temperature when transitioning between phases of matter (like going from a liquid to solid, or vice versa).  After being heated by our AccuTempHeater for 30 minutes, the WarmPak maintains 98F for up to 8 hours at a stretch. It can be reheated hundreds of times, and is placed into a pocket in the BabyWrap.



The Embrace incubators have been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. A published clinical study shows it performs as well as the standard of care in tertiary hospitals. It meets the highest international regulatory standards (CE Marked, manufactured and quality controlled in an ISO13485 medical facility).



Every aspect of this product has been carefully designed with input from our customers. Our founding team of designers and engineers incorporated extensive feedback from doctors, healthcare workers and parents in the communities the incubator was designed to serve to ensure it would be locally appropriate.

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