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Embrace's Community of Guardians has saved 15,803 newborn lives.

Help us reach our goal of saving 100,000 lives by making a monthly donation.


Community of Guardians

The Community of Guardians is a group of dedicated monthly donors who fund the manufacturing, distribution and implementation of life-saving incubators around the world.


Monthly impact updates

Each month we'll use your donation to save the lives of newborns around the world and send you a personalized update on your impact.


Champions (100+ lives saved)

Anthony DePalma

Michael Erpenbach

Scott Tennant

Judith Switick

Leslie Rohrbacker

Supporters (1-100 lives saved)

Leilani Dunlap

Daphne Barbieri

Marissa Moeller

Charlene Dow

Kathleen Pisano

Marc Boreux

Meghan Riley

Michele Kirschenbaum

Rosina McNeil-Cusick

Joyce Chen

Allison VanLiew

Erika Giancarlo

Kayla Modi

God's Word Intl Ministries

Barb & Tom Kraujalis

Joshua Forti

Irene Quinones

Aaron Campbell

Barry Hunter

Beth McCarthy

Devon Spungin

Geeta Arora

Stephanie Rabey

Chase Adam

Muhammad Hamza

Emily Stripling

Claire Levy

Stacy Joslin

Dominic Hrabe

Steven Millette

Jonathan Wield

Eri Goso

Gregory Howard

Jane Chen

Jas Dunlap

Jeff Riley

Joan Adams

Terri Harris

Audrey Luk

Kelsey Bell

Maureen Shields

Every $20 donated saves a life

Our incubators are reusable, and each one saves an estimated 50 newborn lives. The cost of manufacturing, distributing and implementing an incubator (including shipping, training, and tracking) averages $550.

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Ready to join?

Help save newborn lives by joining the Community of Guardians with a monthly donation.

You can easily cancel or edit your donation at any time.
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