We believe in a world where all premature babies have access to an incubator. 

A baby dies every ten seconds. Help us solve this problem. Join the Nest, our community of monthly donors, to bring life-saving portable incubators to families arounds the world. To find out more, watch our video.

Over the last 100 years, the baby incubator has been one of the most influential contributions to the decline in infant mortality rate. And yet, today, a baby dies needlessly every ten seconds.

One of the biggest problems these babies face is regulating their body temperatures—which is the primary function of an incubator. But incubators are technically complex, expensive (costing $20K or more), and require a stable supply of electricity - making them prohibitive in remote parts of the world. Traditional incubators often don’t work in the world’s least advantaged vulnerable communities. 


Every 10 seconds the world loses a newborn


Six babies die every minute


Three million of those babies die in the first 28 days of their life


Millions more grow up with debilitating health issues

The Solution: The Embrace Portable Incubator

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The core technology of the Embrace incubator is a phase-change-material, a wax like substance, which when melted, can maintain a constant temperature of 98 degrees for up to eight hours at a stretch. 


This wax pouch can be reheated thousands of times. It is then placed into a sleeping bag, where it creates a warm micro-environment for the baby. 

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Embrace has already saved over 350,000 lives

Our Goal: Save 1 Million Babies by 2026



Nissima gave birth to premature twins, a boy and a girl. On her way to the hospital, her baby boy died. Her daughter was immediately placed in an Embrace incubator when she reached the hospital — and she survived. Nissima named her Fortunate because she received a warm Embrace that saved her life. 

Embrace Team & Founder Story

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Jonathan Cohen,

Embrace Co-Founder

and Board Member

Jane Chen, Embrace Co-Founder

In 2007, I traveled to India. I met a woman in a village, Sujatha, who had given birth to her baby two months prematurely. Sujatha took her baby to a village doctor, who advised her to go to a city hospital, where her baby could be placed in an incubator.  That hospital was over 4 hours away and Sujatha did not have the money to get there. Her baby died.


Based on this story and dozens like it, my team and I realized what was needed was an incubator that could work in a village setting. It had to be portable, function without constant electricity, and be super easy to use.


We went to work brainstorming, prototyping and coming up with hundreds of iterations of our idea. Through this process, the Embrace incubator was born. 

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Allen Morgan,

Embrace Board Member

As little as $20 a month saves a life.

Join the Nest, our community of monthly donors, to bring life-saving portable incubators to families arounds the world.

Interested in securing an Embrace incubator for your hospital or clinic? Contact us at: info@embraceglobal.org